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Kontorplads til leje i København K

10 - 40 m2 kontorfællesskab i København K til leje

Shared creative studio space

We are looking for people to share our office at [xxxxx] 14, Copenhagen with.

We are open to most suggestions and could see the possibility of sharing with:
- A freelancer or organization who needs a space to have meetings and perhaps sit and work together once in a while.
- A freelancer who needs a permanent workstation.
- A small business that needs a private office space.
- A small shop or creative business that needs a showroom or studio space.
- A freelancer or perhaps a student who needs access to a workshop with storage to work on creative projects.

The office is home to the creative studio Optika (4 people), which works with motion design, 3D, and physical installations of various kinds.

Practical info about the office space:
- 111 sqm street level, apartment-style office
- 80 sqm basement
- Close to inner city, Østerbro, and Nørrebro area.
- 10 mins walk from Nørreport and Østerport Stations and multiple bus options nearby.
- Fast WiFi
- Kitchen and bathroom facilities

Nice things about the space:
- Street-level access and visibility.
- Option to use the front room as e.g, as a showroom or for smaller events.
- Private meeting areas and flexible workstation options.
- Basement with workshop area with tools and equipment, storage options, and free space for creative projects and experimentation.
- Access to a cozy backyard.
- The free...